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What are the best places to visit in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world. Offering everything without making a hole in the pocket is the reason why millions and millions of tourists’ throng Costa Rica every year. This is the list of places one should never miss while planning a trip to Costa Rica. Regarding the accommodation it is best to get a Costa Rica private villa for a comfortable stay.


When people speak of cloud forests, the first country that strikes in one’s mind is Costa Rica. Monteverde’s picturesque setting makes it look like it has appeared straight out of a film set. The wide variety of wildlife loitering beneath while you zip line through the place is an experience to relish. The best part is that you can even spend your nights in these cloud forests of Monteverde. Not many places around the world permit you to be amidst the natural habitat of flora and fauna. You need not worry about the food and other necessities; there are a lot of travel agencies who can plan the agenda for you.


The stretch of beach that is situated in a hotspot provides quick access to all the major wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Costa Rica. It is indeed relaxing to spend the evenings at the beaches of Tamarindo after a day filled with adventure at the cloud forests and other national parks. There is umpteen number of beach bars located very near to this stretch of coastline. It is an enjoyable sight to watch the sun setting along with a few soothing drinks. There cannot be an any better way to spend the dusk times at Costa Rica.

San Jose

San Jose is the place for history buffs that are on a trip to Costa Rica. People who are fond of the past sometimes get tired of all the adventures. The history-laden pre-Columbian museums, churches built during the colonial regime beaming with splendid architecture, buildings housing coffee tycoons is the specialty of San Jose. It is not very tough to reach San Jose. If you plan a trip to Costa Rica, then you need to touch down San Jose before leaving to the other places. The place apart from being the largest city also happens to be the capital of the country.

Manuel Antonio National Park

If you are looking for a national park nestled between beaches, then Manuel Antonio National Park is the right choice. It is the second most visited national park in the state. The sound of the parakeets swinging in the air while you take a walk along the park with the waves sweetly kissing the shores is indeed a pleasure. The state has taken many efforts to ensure the natural habitat of the wildlife is not disturbed at any point. There are a lot of trees in this park that adds beauty to the place.


If you are an adventure freak and a water sports enthusiast, then you must be visiting Jaco. The place is dotted with lots of energetic surfers who are waiting to drench themselves in the waters of the sea. The seas also provide the right platform for fishing. If you are in the mood to catch some fresh fish for your lunch/dinner, then you should visit Jaco. The post evening times at Jaco offers vibes which are out of the world. The late-night discos add glamour to the show. One could also spot some turtles heading towards the shores for a walk late in the night. If you are longing to be on the shores which are a right mix of everything, then you should be at Jaco.


As much importance, San Jose holds for Costa Rica, the same level of importance Cartago holds. The place is said to have been the capital of Costa Rica before San Jose was sworn as the capital in the year 1824. The Basilica of Cartago is no way lesser than the architectural marvel of the basilicas of the Vatican or any other huge city in Italy. The place also hosts a lot of shopping centers. If you are looking to take back home some goodies from Costa Rica, and then probably you should be shopping at Cartago.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Can you imagine touring a national park filled with a variety of animals and birds which encircles a volcano? Then you should be visiting the Rincon de la Vieja National Park. There are a lot of people who visit this park just to get a glimpse of the volcano in all its glory. This kind of sight is not very usual. This place is also situated very near to the shores. It can be spotted while you are cruising the seas surrounding the park.


When you walk to stroll down the streets filled with lush green trees dotted with cafes, and then you must probably be going to Montezuma. It is the best place to chill out in the evenings with your loved ones with a cup of coffee. There are a lot of eco-lodges alongside the hillocks. It is bliss to perform Yoga in this sleepy town in the morning with the sun’s rays caressing your face after it has been filtered by the green leaves.

Costa Rica has every ingredient required to make the holiday a memorable one for you and your family. When you are visiting Costa, make sure you don’t miss out on these places.

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